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Here at The Front Room we use Ireland’s No. 1 premium brand waxing product called Waxperts. Waxperts is a relatively pain free wax designed by therapists for therapists.

We use strip wax on large surface areas like legs, arms etc. We use Hot peelable wax on sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarm and facial waxing. 

We specialise in female intimate waxing. For a full list of bikini options please contact the salon to discuss or take a look at our blog page for a detailed explanation of what is involved. 



– No Double Dipping Policy –

Double dipping is when a therapist uses the same spatula throughout a waxing procedure and continues to dip the spatula back into the wax pot after it has made a connection with the clients skin. We Do Not do this!

Here at the Front Room, Ballinasloe:

  • As soon as a spatula has touched a body, it is IMMEDIATELY binned!
  • Our wax pots are kept immaculate!
  • We use disposable spatulas (by the mother load!) and we also use disposable latex gloves, which are binned after every treatment.

It is only fair that our clients receive a hygienic, high standard waxing treatment! We we’re ready for Covid before Covid.

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Is there any reason I cannot get a waxing treatment?

You cannot undergo a wax if you have any of the following:
  • Skin disorder, Skin disease or UTI
  • Allergy to lavender
  • We will need a medical referral if you are suffering medicine-controlled diabetes
  • If you are on any skin thinning medications

Is it safe to wax when pregnant?

Absolutely. Just let us know and we will make things as comfortable as possible for you. It is perfectly safe to wax as long as you do not have any existing problems or conditions – like a UTI or you have lost your mucus plug or your waters have gone etc.

(Yes! We do get some requests and unfortunately we are not equipped to deliver babies so if you are on the way to the hospital we suggest you stay going!!!)

Other than that we would love to see you and your bump!

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Waxing & Aftercare

Here at the Front Room, we sell Waxperts Ingrown Hair pads and Waxperts Body Oil. The pads are €10 for a pack of 40, and that should keep you going for aleast a month.

They are pre soaked in salicylic acid which breaks down and remove dead skin cells from around the pore. They can be used 24 hours after your wax and should be used once a day every day to be effective in the prevention of ingrown hairs. 

Waxperts oil is a luxurious body oil with lavender extract for calming and soothing and is superb for keeping the skin soft, supple and well nourished and in the best possible condition between waxes.

It retails at €13 and I even use mine to remove any excess tan after showering on Tanning Thursday! (lather yourself in the oil and use an old damp towel in circular motions to remove any of the old grubby awkward bits of tan that just don’t wanna leave!)

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